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Shannon was very helpful and friendly. The service was very quick and customer satisfaction oriented.

Sophia Jones

Shannon has amazing customer service, made me feel welcomed! I knew I was making the best choice! I have saved a lot of money and am truly thankful!

Harold Green

Shannon always goes above and beyond for us. Anyone in my family needs insurance I am able to contact her and she gets right on it. It is like we have our very own VIP treatment and she not only helps us but is able to get us the best deal out there…

Grant Harvey

I have been insured with Shannon for the past 3 years. Her staff are so helpful with my insurance needs. A policy I had just increased and they found another company within their agency for a lower price.

Kate Lewis

Shannon Murray Biddle

After developing a successful business on St. Simons Island, Shannon Biddle decided to expand her career into the insurance industry. She accepted a position with Robinson & Associates as an independent insurance agent where she represents many different companies. She is able to place your insurance with the company that will best suit your needs, giving you more coverage for your money.

Prior to starting her business and the insurance industry, Shannon earned degrees ranging from a B.S. in Cognitive, Behavioral and Physical Disabilities to an Ed., S in Administrative Leadership. She educated young adults with exceptionalities for seven years until becoming a stay at home mom to her two boys.

Shannon enjoys traveling and spending her spare time with her family. When not in the office or with family she can be found paddle boarding or enjoying a run.